Another perspective to the current ‘COVID-19-driven housing herd’

No Ado About Much On the Media

With the an apparent second wave of COVID-19 in full force, the media are sounding the alarm on a deadly virus growing out of control. But during the Spanish Flu 100 years ago, the media downplayed the pandemic. On this week's show, a look at how the Spanish Flu vanished from our collective memory. Then, how Shakespeare, a British icon, became an American hero.  1. John Barry [@johnmbarry], author of The Great Influenza, on how America forgot about the pandemic of 1918. Listen. 2. James Shapiro, author of Shakespeare in a Divided America, on what the Brit's plays teach us about life in the US. Listen. Music:Berceuse in D Flat Major, Op. 57 Chopin – Ivan MoravecCrows of Homer – Gerry O'BeirneThe Dancing Master: Maiden Lane (John Playford) – The Broadside Band & Jeremy Barlow John’s Book of Alleged Dances (John Adams) – Kronos QuartetFife Feature: Lowland’s Away (Roy Watrous) – Gregory S. Balvanz & The US Army Fife and Drum Corps    Ballad No. 2 in F, Op. 38 (Chopin) – Ivan MoravecLittle Rose is Gone/Billy in the Lowground – Jim TaylorCollection Frail As a Breeze – Erik FriedlanderThe De Lesseps' Dance – Shakespeare in Love SoundtrackKiss Me Kate Overture – Kiss Me Kate Soundtrack Brush Up Your Shakespeare – Kiss Me Kate SoundtrackLove & the Rehearsal – Shakespeare in Love SoundtrackHarpsichord – Four Tet
  1. No Ado About Much
  2. Epidemics Show Societies Who They Really Are
  3. EXTENDED VERSION The Ancient Heresy That Helps Us Understand QAnon
  4. Believe It Or Not
  5. Rewatching "Contagion" in a Pandemic

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City planner working to help communities develop more equitably. More homes and more affordable homes. Integrated with mixed use centers or pockets of retail, commerce, government, entertainment, education and more. Woven into nature that we preserve for future generations. An improved transportation network to help people get from their home to where they want to go. On foot, by bike, on scooter, by auto, on metro, by bus, and more. We have the intellectual capital. We need more federal, state and local capital. We will act using multiple forms of information and communication that includes our experiences and feedback from our neighbors and peers from many backgrounds and perspectives. Perhaps we'll have some fun along the way.

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