Another perspective to the current ‘COVID-19-driven housing herd’

The Wrong Fires On the Media

As wildfires blaze across the United States, some right-wing politicians and pundits are blaming racial justice protesters. On this week’s On the Media, how to stay focused on the realities of climate change when everything is politicized. Also: Does journalistic convention give more airtime to less important stories? Plus, how an independent French film criticizing the hyper-sexualization of children stoked controversy on the right. And, the assumptions we make when we talk about human trafficking. 1. David Karpf [@davekarpf], George Washington University media and public affairs professor, on how journalistic convention can bury urgent truths. Listen. 2. Kate Knibbs [@Knibbs], Senior Writer at Wired explains how “Cuties” on Netflix became mired in controversy peddled by the right. Listen. 3. Michael Hobbes [@RottenInDenmark], co-host of the podcast “You’re Wrong About” and Senior Enterprise Reporter at The Huffington Post, debunks embellished stories of child sex trafficking busts. Listen. 4. Amy Westervelt [@amywestervelt], climate journalist and host of the podcast “Drilled” on how to sort through competing narratives in coverage of the wildfires. Listen.
  1. The Wrong Fires
  2. Joe Rogan: Debate Moderator?
  3. What To Expect When You’re Electing

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