2022 ANC 3C Candidate Questionnaires

ANCs play a key role in our community, and we are fortunate for those of you willing to dedicate volunteer service to making our communities better.  This year, Cleveland Park Smart Growth asked all candidates running in ANC 3C to respond to our Candidate Questionnaire, and all candidates have responded – Thank you! CPSG will consider these responses in any endorsements it makes this year.

3C01 – Hayden Gise (Endorsed)

3C02 – Adam Prinzo (Endorsed)

3C03 – Janell Pagats (Endorsed)

3C04 – Roric McCorristin (Endorsed)

3C05 – Nicholas Ide

3C05 – Sauleh Siddiqui (Endorsed)

3C06 – Justin Daniels

3C06 – Tammy Gordon (Endorsed)

3C07 – Warren Gorlick

3C07 – Gawain Kripke (Endorsed)

3C08 – Keith Mantel (Endorsed)

3C08 – Rick Nash

These were the questions asked:

1) What are the main issues you hope to address as an ANC Commissioner?

2) The Cleveland Park and Woodley Park commercial areas on Connecticut Ave are now allowed to be zoned for greater residential density. What will be your priorities and approach to any rezoning requests for the area that come before the ANC?

3) How will you incorporate racial equity in your approach as an ANC Commissioner?

4) ANC 3C includes the Woodley Park Historic District, most of the Cleveland Park Historic District and several historic landmarks. How will you approach Historic Preservation applications in your SMD (if applicable) and in ANC 3C generally?

5) Are you committed to supporting the Connecticut Ave reconfiguration approach known as Concept C? (Yes or No), and what will be your priorities when it comes to the reconfiguration of Connecticut Ave?

6) What else do you want neighbors to know about you and why you are running to represent them?

Use as much space as needed in your responses.  Send responses to cpsmartgrowth@gmail.com.