Code of Conduct

Cleveland Park Smart Growth was created for people to come together to talk about, learn about, and advocate for smart growth and urbanism in Cleveland Park. We welcome anyone who is interested in these topics and wants to join our community. We take our discussion guidelines and code of conduct seriously, so please take a minute to read them.

We do not permit the following on either the Google Groups Listserv or the Facebook group:

  • Personal attacks or threats against other community members
  • Hostility, offensive language, or imagery
  • Content not related to smart growth and urbanism

In addition, no one shall take what other community members say in whole or in part (including paraphrasing) as representative of CPSG as a community, and no one shall use the content of the Facebook page or listserv  in a public fashion. Only official statements from the CPSG steering committee can be taken and used as such and attributed to CPSG. In other words, the Facebook page and listserv are meant to be a place for an open, safe discussion among our members. This does not mean that all community members agree with each other or represent CPSG as a whole.

Any violations of the above are taken seriously, and the Cleveland Park Steering Committee reserves the right to remove posts that violate this code of conduct, in addition to removing the posters from the list and Facebook group. The CPSG steering committee makes these decisions.

Election Content Rules

Candidates and their supporters who are members of CPSG can post to the listserv to talk issues, platform and provide notice for events that are free and open to the public. However, campaign fundraising via the CPSG listserv will not be allowed. No posts by candidates or members should be construed as an endorsement of the candidate or issue position by Cleveland Park Smart Growth.