Katherine Levine Einstein on Neighborhood Defenders

Why is affordable housing in such short supply? Author and political scientist Katherine Levine Einstein of Boston University talks about her book Neighborhood Defenders with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Einstein focuses on the ability of local residents to use the zoning and permit process to prevent development of housing or to reduce the amount of housing that can be built.

Ezra Klein Interviews Jerusalem Demsas

This podcast episode explores, “How did the party of big government become the party of paralysis?”  One of Jerusalem’s closing lines is a good summary for the show, “What we’re saying is, we understand that you like the place that you live in, that you have aesthetic preferences. But we cannot sacrifice the lives, the futures and the dreams of every other American because you don’t want to see an apartment building.”

The War on Cars

Podcast from Brooklyn that examines the daily conflict between automobiles and the city.

The Weeds (Vox): Build Housing Near Transit

San Diego-area congressman Scott Peters joins Matt to talk about his plan to boost transit-oriented development.  Good talk about the politics of change and the growing YIMBY movement.

The Weeds (Vox): America’s Two Housing Crises

Matt Yglesias interviews Brookings Jenny Scheutz about the two big housing crises in America: the facing the poor everywhere, and the affordability crisis facing the middle class in the coastal cities, areas of highly productive jobs but high housing costs, driven by restrictive housing policy.  Good discussion about D.C. including Northwest.

YIMBY: Infill Podcast

Yes, this podcast is very San Francisco-centric.  But the debates raging in SF are extremely relevant to what is happening here in D.C.  The community meeting in North Beach might as well be the meetings in Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase, or Spring Valley.  SF is what D.C. is heading toward if we do not solve our housing issues and learn from their mistakes.

Up Zoned from Strong Towns

One of several Strong Towns podcasts that covers a new important topic each week.