What Privilege Looks Like

Between 2006-2015, DC added 28,955 units of housing, according the city (section 205.8).  Over those ten years, the Rock Creek West area (essentially Ward 3), contributed a paltry 3% of that new housing.

The proposed Framework Element to the city’s Comprehensive Plan shows a map at section 205.9 (see below) of the concentration of new housing units added to the city between 2006-2015.  The area adjacent the Red Line in Northwest D.C. is virtually devoid of new housing.  This is what happens when you build walls made from exclusionary zoning and weaponize historic preservation laws.  This is what privilege looks like.  Every new home/unit not built where people want to live, means pushing people into gentrifying neighborhoods.


The good news is that since 2015, some of this is changing.  We are seeing progress in Tenleytown, Van Ness, and soon at 3900-4000 Wisconsin Avenue.  Connecticut Avenue, especially in Cleveland Park, remains a no-build zone.  Moreover, proposed changes the Comprehensive Plan make it clear the city is trying to include our area in future housing growth.

If you want to take action that lets policymakers know we in Cleveland Park support smart growth, transit-oriented development and greater density for more housing and more vibrant commercial centers, start by letting ANC3C know by sending them an email all@anc3c.org

ANC3C, which represents Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, McLean Gardens, and neighborhoods south and west of the Cathedral, will likely be considering a resolution at their March 19th meeting opposing the Mayor’s proposed changes to the first part of the city’s Comprehensive plan.  They need to hear your voice.

If you want more specific references to what aspects of the amendments are encouraging to Cleveland park urbanists, see this recent analysis.

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