Cheh Supports Ward 3 Smart Growth

Last Wednesday, ANC 3C voted 6-3 to support the Office of Planning’s recommendation to increase the allowable density for the Cleveland Park commercial area from Low Density Commercial to a mix of Moderate Density Commercial/High Density Residential.  I am very thankful for Commissioners Finley, Hoyt, Siddiqui, Pagats, Fink and Reba’s votes.  CPSG has supported this proposal since we surveyed our members in late 2019.

On Thursday our Ward 3 Council Member, Mary Cheh, said she was supporting the increase to Moderate Density Commercial, but will recommend that the Residential Density only be increased to Medium (second highest).  While we are disappointed that Council Member Cheh did not respect the view of our elected ANC, she offered perhaps one of the best articulations of why density is critical to achieve both more affordable housing and economic vitality that we have heard from an elected official.  I encourage you all to read her entire statement.  These two lines are a good summation:

  • “Even if greater density weren’t certain to provide more affordable housing, capping density is certain to constrain affordable housing.”
  • “More residents in Cleveland Park will provide more customers for local retail outlets, creating a more vibrant neighborhood for all residents.”

She also supports future planning efforts so we can fine tune how best to make growth happen in our area so more can call it home.

We will soon hear from Chairman Phil Mendelson, who is leading the markup of the Comprehensive Plan bill, perhaps this week.  He is being lobbied hard by people who think there should be no changes made to Cleveland Park.  Your voice this week through emails to Chairman Mendelson, Mary Cheh and the at-large members of the council is critical.

Whether you ask them to support our ANC’s call for high density, or hold the line at Cheh’s recommended medium density is up to you.  I would also urge you to thank Mary Cheh for supporting the principles of smart growth and her support to fund future planning efforts here.

Send your emails to: (you can send it to Mendelson and cc everyone else)

Reference your support for Amendment 2123 to increase the density of the Cleveland Park commercial area on the Future Land Use Map, and support for Future Planning Analysis Area for Upper Connecticut Avenue.

It would be great to get these emails out today or tomorrow to have the maximum impact.

As last week’s overwhelming support from our ANC shows, we can make a difference. Thank you all very much for your continued engagement!

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