Send ANCs Feedback on Conn Ave Resolutions

Next week ANCs 3C (Mon 4/19) and 3F (Tues 4/20) will be considering resolutions about the safety redesign of Connecticut Ave.  Both ANC resolutions are recommending Concept C (bike lanes with some commercial area parking and left turn lanes) as the safest option.
You are encouraged to send your opinions to your ANC. 

Fortunately, drafts of both resolutions have been made available well in advance and can be reviewed here:  ANC 3C ResolutionANC 3F Resolution.

To email the commissioners of ANC 3C, use:  all@anc3c.orgTo email the commissioners of ANC 3F, use: Good idea to include your address.

In either case, you should copy the DDOT public comment email address for the project, which is:

If you have questions about the resolutions or aspects of the DDOT study, you can post them to the CPSG listserv ( and someone will respond.

Here is the project website, and here is the most recent DDOT presentation.

Results from the recent community survey can be found here.

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