Cleveland Park Smart Growth Endorses Beau Finley

Cleveland Park Smart Growth (CPSG) is proud to announce it has endorsed Beau Finley for D.C. Council in Ward 3.

CPSG’s mission is to advance smart growth policies in Cleveland Park to ensure an economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive neighborhood. CPSG is the only Ward 3-based urbanist group making an endorsement in this race. We know the Ward best, and we know that Beau Finley is the best candidate to deliver results on the smart growth issues that are vital to the future of Ward 3. 

In a competitive race with many strong candidates, Beau Finley’s candidacy stands out because of his proven leadership, in-depth knowledge of policies and issues, and track record of winning tough races.


Before and during his tenure as the Chair of ANC 3C, Beau has led efforts to make Cleveland Park a stronger neighborhood for everyone and has been active in reorienting our ANC to one that is open to urbanist projects and policies. 

In Cleveland Park, we’ve witnessed Beau working effectively with people who hold a wide range of perspectives. Coalition building is an essential skill of any effective Councilmember, and Beau knows how to do it.

Beau’s leadership has provided tangible results. As described in more detail below, he played pivotal roles in getting the Brooks short-term family housing shelter built; revitalizing Cleveland Park’s business district; and ushering through a proposal for revamping the reversible lanes on Connecticut Avenue that prioritizes pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Policy Knowledge & Results

Affordable housing has been a priority of Beau’s political career. He was a strong advocate for the Brooks short-term family housing shelter in Cathedral Heights and helped to ensure that it would be built in a way that set it up for success. Beau’s affordable housing plan is comprehensive and multi-faceted, and includes an emphasis on providing wraparound services for the lowest income residents because he knows that solely providing housing is not enough. 

When elected to the ANC, Beau quickly turned his attention to revitalizing Cleveland Park’s business district, which was falling on hard times despite an economic boom in DC. Recognizing that a healthy business district requires people, he spearheaded efforts to bring more people to Cleveland Park’s commercial area. He was instrumental in creating Cleveland Park Main Street, and proposed and ushered in an amendment on the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) that will allow more housing to be built near Metro and shops that are design-sensitive to the historic district.

Beau is a great advocate for bike and pedestrian safety in Cleveland Park. He played a significant role in proposing the current “Concept C” that has been approved by all of the ANC’s on Connecticut Avenue, DDOT, and the Mayor. This concept will prioritize pedestrian and cyclist safety while still maintaining the functions of the street.

A Proven Winner

Beau has a proven track record in winning tough races. He won his seat on ANC 3C as a write-in candidate, and he is the only candidate who has won a Ward-wide election, as the Ward 3 Democratic Committeeman. Beau has spent his campaign knocking on doors (12,000 and counting) and actually talking to Ward 3 residents about the issues that are important to them. This kind of direct outreach is a proven way to win local elections and it demonstrates his desire to truly represent his constituency.

Beau Finley is the best and most prepared candidate in this race. He will be a leader on the D.C. Council from the first day he takes office. He has earned your support and vote, and CPSG is proud to endorse him.

CPSG Endorsement Committee: Megan Draheim, Isaac Bowers, Ariel Kennedy, and Glenn Stanley

Get Involved in Beau’s Campaign
CPSG encourage all members to get involved in Beau Finley’s campaign – canvassing, phone banking, writing post cards, hosting meet & greets. Sign up at

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