Restaurant & Bars Circulate Petition to Keep Sidewalk Car-Free

A number of restaurants and bars are circulating a petition to keep the “walking lane” sidewalk open to people, streateries, and fun and closed to cars. If that’s your jam, sign the petition! Here’s what is says:

Cleveland Park Service Lane Streatery Petition

We the undersigned petition Mayor Bowser to allow streatery and other pedestrian uses to the sidewalk formerly known as the “service lane” along the east side of the 3300-3400 block of Connecticut Avenue NW between Macomb and Ordway Streets NW and to prohibit automobiles from this sidewalk.  This would keep the pandemic-era status-quo permanently, allowing for long term planning of higher quality streateries, better placemaking and a safer pedestrian environment.

We also petition the Mayor to accelerate the safety and parking management improvements along Connecticut Ave to allow for more commercial loading, pick-up and drop-off, handicapped, and short-term parking on Connecticut Ave and the immediate side streets in the Cleveland Park commercial area.

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