Tell D.C. Council to Approve Comp Plan

Send a letter to Chairman Mendelson and the DC Council to urge them to pass the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Act (B23-736) in 2020, and to support Amendment 2123 that allows for more homes on the commercial area of Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park.

Send a letter to Chairman Mendelson and your Ward and At-Large DC Councilmembers:

Phil Mendelson (Chair),
Mary Cheh (Ward 3),
Anita Bonds (At-Large),
David Grosso (At-Large),
Elissa Silverman (At-Large),
Robert White (At-Large),

Your can sign up to testify for the November 12-13 hearings on the Comp Plan, or find out how to submit written or telephone recorded testimony here.

Tell Zoning Commission to Support Expanded IZ

Also send an email to the Zoning Commission to let them know you support the plan to increase the required affordable housing for upzoned properties. It is case number 20-02. Here are some details about sending your email:

  1. Make sure it contains the name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the person filing it;
  2. Describe the nature of the documents (for example, “Comments in Support,” “Comments in Opposition,” or “General Comments”);
  3. Include the case number (Case # 20-02) and case name (Expanded Inclusionary Zoning) in the subject line of the e-mail; and
  4. Email is to:

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November 9th Event

Watch the video from our Nov 9th Event, “Cleveland Park & the Comprehensive Plan” featuring Councilmember Mary Cheh and the Office of Planning.

Below are the links to the presentions used in the event, the first was from CPSG and second from the Office of Planning: