ANC Candidates Forum

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[Join Cleveland Park Smart Growth, the free civic group focused on our neighborhood’s future!]

Please join us on Sunday, October 21st from 1pm-2:30pm for a forum to hear from ANC candidates in and around Cleveland Park.  The event will be held at the Cleveland Park Library, 3310 Connecticut Ave. in the first floor meeting room.  Families welcome!

Confirmed for attendance: John Grill 3C01 (Eastern Woodley Park), Jimmy Dubois 3C03 (Western Woodley Park), Beau Finley 3C04 (Eastern Cleveland Park), Emma Hersh 3C05 (Central Cleveland Park), David Dickinson 3F01 (Northern Cleveland Park).

Please RSVP here

Each candidate will have an opportunity to talk about their reasons for running and their priorities for the the upcoming two-year term.  Candidates with them field questions from the audience.

ANC Commissioners are our representatives to the DC government at the most local level.  As a group they pass resolutions on issues impacting a wide range of local policies from zoning, historic preservation, public space, alcohol licenses, to issues before the city council and city agencies.  As the collective voice of the residents, their resolutions are given great weight by city agencies.

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