ANC Candidates Discuss Increasing Density in CP

In comments made at a CPCA candidate forum, ANC candidates are open to supporting an increase in density in Cleveland Park commercial corridor.  The video of the comments, made in response to a question from CP Smart Growth’s Bob Ward, can be viewed below.


Nancy Macwood, the 19 year commissioner, at first tried to let people know that the density proposal did not even exist, insisting she had recently read every one of the map amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.  The amendment, #2123, does indeed exist, and was the subject of a broad public discussions, community meetings and focus groups in the summer of 2017.  In fact the amendment to increase the commercial area density from “Low Density” to “Moderate Density” on the Future Land Use Map was accompanied by a petition from 324 residents in support.  A survey taken at the time showed 82% support for the proposal.

Despite this public engagement and support, Macwood said she would like to hear from the CPCA!

Great to hear other ANC candidates taking clearer positions in this issue.

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