Woodley Place Bike Lanes

Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoorOn Monday, March 18th, ANC 3C will be discussing a Notice of Intent from DDOT to install contra-flow bike lanes on Woodley Place.  This street runs from Cathedral Avenue to Calvert Street, but is one-way from each end street, preventing it from being a connector for vehicles, including bicycles.  DDOT’s proposal is to paint a single 6′ lane for bicycles to travel against the flow of traffic in each segment.  Bicycles riding with the flow of traffic would share the roadway which would be marked with sharrows (shared lane arrows).

More about this project and how to register your support with policy makers and influencers, can be found on the Ward 3 Bike Advocates website.  Greater Greater Washington also has a post about this project.  It’s worth reading the comments/discussion on this post.

This connection is a key safety improvement for cyclists, as each of the current approaches to Calvert Street from the rest of the Northwest bike lanes come from high speed, heavily trafficked roadways including Connecticut Avenue and 29th Street.  The Woodley Place lanes would allow cyclists to follow the lane along Cathedral Ave, across Connecticut, down Woodley Place to Calvert, which connects to lanes into downtown.

Whether you are a cyclist yourself, or support improving cyclist safety and making it easier for commuters to leave the car behind (or ditch it altogether), please come out and show your support for this project Monday night, March 18th, 7pm at the Cleveland Park Library.  And when you arrive, grab yourself a CPSG sticker to show your support!

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