ANC 3C January Meeting

The newly elected commissioners of ANC 3C convened at their first meeting tonight at the Cleveland Park Library where they elected their officers: Nancy Macwood, chair; Victoria Gersten, vice chair; Maureen Bouchet, treasuer; and Emma Hersh, secretary. The video of the meeting can be viewed below.

New to ANC 3C this year are 3C02-Jason Fink (South Woodley Park); 3C03-Jimmy Dubois (North Woodley Park); 3C08-Victoria Gersten (Cathedral/Observatory).

ANC 3C also has a new website. Check it out at

Now, if only we could get them to post their draft resolutions when they are first distributed to the commissioners so the public can ask informed questions at the meeting.  Transparency is fundamental to a working democracy.  If you agree, send them an email

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