3400 Connecticut Ave Update & Next Meeting


The owners of 3400 Connecticut/2911 Newark presented their redevelopment plans to the ANC3C’s Planning & Zoning committee last night.  The owners are holding a public meeting this Thursday Nov 7 at 5 pm at the Library – please come if you can to learn more, ask questions and voice your support and/or concerns.  Another public meeting is being planned for a date/time more convenient for people coming back to the neighborhood from work (stay tuned).

Last night the questions raised focused largely on parking, drainage and affordable housing, and even a few on the design (which is what the current review is about).  A few updates:

  • It was stated that the site, being commercially zoned, is already ineligible for Residential Parking Permits.  They will be seeking relief in the future from a required # spaces.  No parking is planned for the site.
  • The building is matter of right but will comply with the inclusionary zoning (IZ) requirements of providing 10% affordable housing, which will be calculated on the total units on site (52) and not just on the 35 new units.
  • The building will meet and potentially exceed its Green Area Ratio for storm water retention.
  • The owner has worked closely with the Historic Preservation Office throughout the design development.
More updates will be posted as they come.  Not a member of Cleveland Park Smart Growth?  Join!

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