Housing Fact Sheet

Mayor Bowser has called for the creation of 36,000 new housing units in the District by 2025, 12,000 of them permanently affordable, to meet the expected demand.  She is not alone in this observation with groups like the Urban Institute weighing in among others.  Yet some have pushed back on this need, especially the needs for Ward 3 to up its contribution.

The Housing Priorities Coalition, which is made of organizations including the Coalition For Non Profit Housing and Economic Development, the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, the Coalition for Smart Growth and others, has published a Housing Fact Sheet as it relates to the D.C. Comprehensive Plan.  We hope it gives useful context to the need for more housing, especially in Ward 3, and covers topis like affordable housing, rent control, impact to schools and the Future Land Use Map.

Housing Fact Sheet grab


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