Connecticut Ave Lane Study

Your opportunity to shape Connecticut Ave

I’m sharing a CPSG listserv post from Mike Heslin who, along with a group of other CPSG members, has been looking at DDOT’s Connecticut Ave Reversible Lanes study.  Details in links below.  Join the conversation over on the CPSG listserv. Not a member of CPSG? Join now (it’s free)!

From Mike:
As you know, DDOT has undertaken a study to evaluate alternatives to the current reversible lane design on Connecticut Avenue. 

Over the past few weeks, Bob brought together a group of us interested in nerding out on these concepts and working toward a CPSG perspective on the best path forward. You can see our first draft of this perspective in this slide deck, an annotated version of the deck DDOT has been shopping around to get early feedback on their initial concepts: Connecticut Avenue Concepts_CPSG Annotated

Huge thanks to everyone who has collaborated on this so far: Bob Ward, Megan Draheim, JC Ayala, Laura Watson, David Cristeal, and Ed Carley. Special thanks to JC, who designed the final concept you’ll see in the deck.

We’d like to get our feedback to DDOT sooner rather than later — so let’s talk about it 🙂 What do you think? Looking at the concepts and our conclusions on the last slide, what else do we need to fully capture the smart growth POV on this effort?

DDOT will be presenting their concepts at a CPCA event July 29th, at 7pm. This will be a great opportunity to hear the latest thinking from DDOT and start communicating our feedback. The zoom link is

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