ANC Candidate Questionnaires

We invited all candidates for positions in Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 3C and 3F to respond to our Candidate Questionnaire (below). Thank you to all that participated and don’t forget to vote!

Here are the responses we have received by district in order received:

Check out the endorsements and questionnaires for local ANC candidates from Ward 3 Bike Advocates and Greater Greater Washington.

2020 ANC Candidate Questionnaire

Thank you for running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner!  ANCs play a key role in our neighborhoods and we are fortunate for those of you willing to dedicate volunteer service to making our communities better.  This year, Cleveland Park Smart Growth is asking all candidates running in ANCs 3C and 3F to respond to our Candidate Questionnaire below.  We will publish your responses on our website so voters can learn more about you.

1) As you may know, DDOT is studying the future operations of Connecticut Ave from Chevy Chase through Woodley Park.  As an ANC Commissioner, what would your priorities be for the future configuration of Connecticut Ave?

2) What policies should the city pursue that you would support as an ANC Commissioner to help reduce car-dependency?

3) Should this part of the city be contributing more new housing as the city grows?   Why?

3a) If yes, what are some of the ways in which your Single Member District and your broader Advisory Neighborhood Commission area can add housing?

4) ANC 3C includes the Woodley Park Historic District and most of the Cleveland Park Historic District, while 3F includes part of the Cleveland Park HD (Sedgwick & Tilden Gardens). How will you approach Historic Preservation applications in your SMD (if applicable)  and in your ANC generally?

5) What steps would you take to make your ANC more transparent, inclusive and engaged with your community?

6) What else do you want neighbors to know about you and why you are running to represent them?

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