CPSG ANC Endorsements

Cleveland Park Smart Growth enthusiastically endorses Sauleh Siddiqui in 3C05 and Ryan Keefe in 3F05 for ANC Commissioner.

Both Sauleh and Ryan have also been endorsed by the ANC Rainbow Caucus, Ward 3 Bike Advocates and Greater Greater Washington. Sauleh has been endorsed by former 3C05 Commissioner Emma Hersh.

Cleveland Park Smart Growth, a community group with members in Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, Van Ness and the surrounding areas, asked candidates in ANC 3C and 3F to respond to a questionnaire focused on local issues like the Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lanes study, housing and ANC transparency.

While our endorsements cover two of the three competitive races in these ANCs we also like the answers we received from several candidates running unopposed, including Jason Fink (3C02), Janell Pagats (3C03), Beau Finley (3C04), David Cristeal (3F01) and Stan Wall (3F04). Our neighborhoods will benefit from their service. All candidate questionnaires can be viewed here.

Our full endorsement can be viewed here:

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