Connecticut Ave Drainage & Streetscape

This past Thursday, September 15,  DDOT hosted a meeting at the Library about their plans to:

  • Correct the poor drainage around the CP Metro entrance
  • Reconfigure of the Quebec/Porter/Connecticut/Exxon intersection
  • Reconfigure/simplify the Ordway/Connecticut/Service Lane intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly
  • Provide permeable paving and storm water capture treatments along the streetscape
  • Enhance the look and function of the streetscape through the addition of benches and design elements along the strip.
  • Propose options for bike lanes for Connecticut Ave


DDOT made the files from their presentations available yesterday.  You can download them through the links below.  Some are large – be patient!

DDOT made an initial presentation covering an overview of the project which can be downloaded here: 244_41775_cleveland-park-pp-presentation-revised_final

The proposals and options were presented on boards, and have been included in a very large (26mb) PDF that can be accessed here: 244_23097_cleveland-park-public-meeting_1-displays-all-revised

The backdrop to the current plans have roots in the DDOT transportation study that was conducted for Cleveland Park back in 2013.  That final report, which is worth reviewing, can be downloaded here: 223857717-cleveland-park-transportation-study-final-report.

Rendering of granite parapet wall to replace sandbags around Metro grates.

One item that was raised by a number of participants was the need to access the new Klingle Valley Trail from Connecticut Avenue via a stairway that descended from the start of the bridge nearest the Parkway Apartments (3220 Connecticut).  The two entrances currently planned for the trail will be up on the western terminus of Klingle Road above the Tregaron pond, and down at the Klingle/Porter intersection where it meets Rock Creek Park.  A Connecticut Ave access point would better serve residents living near the Avenue as well as provide trail users easier access to the stores on our commercial strip.

I am also very supportive of the proposal for the service lane, which will a) greatly improve the function of the sidewalk, allowing use of the roadway by strollers, wheelchairs while maintaining partitioned sidewalk space for when cars pass, b) allow for temporary closures for more functions such as a weekend morning farmer’s market, c) provide permeable surfaces to help shade tree growth and mitigate some of the runoff issues, and d) provide for better pedestrian access at the Ordway intersection which is a complete mess today.

I am interested in what people think of the plans.  Please leave a comment below.

To provide feedback directly to DDOT, emails can be sent to the project outreach coordinator Stacee Hemby

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