Bowser calls for new housing in every neighborhood

Muriel Bowser was sworn in for her second term as Mayor of the District of Columbia yesterday, and took aim at DC’s housing shortage.  In her inaugural address, she challenged every neighborhood to step up and find ways to add housing, especially affordable and deeply affordable housing:

“We can no longer resist a close look at building taller and more densely where it makes sense. To do otherwise would be to ignore our growing affordable housing shortage.  I will challenge every ward and every neighborhood to think about how you can add more housing. And create targets for all of us to shoot for.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser, Jan 2, 2019

Cleveland Park has an opportunity to answer the call and support an up-zoning for the Connecticut Avenue commercial area.  In 2019, this goal will be Cleveland Park Smart Growth’s top priority.  Increased density around our transit nodes provides opportunities to add housing for all income levels.  It has the added benefit of adding new customers to support our local retail, and new business models to encourage the independent retail we want.

Stay tuned for upcoming events to get residents educated, organized and advocating for better land use policies.

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